Northwoods cabin exterior



We created Northwoods Cabin Company to connect people and the outdoors with unique living and gathering spaces. Our products are of the highest quality construction and craftsmanship and will enhance your property, whether it is by the lake, a family farm, or a hunting camp in the mountains.



Our Northwoods Cabin Series is the most impressive pre-manufactured recreational cabin on the market today. With a height of over 16’, we tower over any competition. Stunning inside and out, this cabin has plenty of living and relaxing space with two lofts and abundant open floor space. Larger models include a bedroom with a surprisingly sizable closet, a full bath with a standing shower, and enough extra space to sleep up to 11 people. With this grand cabin, you can bring the whole family on the adventure and sleep comfortably every night.

Our unique hinged roof system allows the cabin to be transported over-the-road without exceeding height restrictions. Once on-site, our crew opens the cabin up, installs the gable ends, ridge beam, interior railings (and more), and just like that your new cabin is ready for you to enjoy!

The Northwoods Cabin Series is versatile and adaptable, built-in sizes from 14’x24’ to 16’x48’.

We have two building options available: Primitive or Full Amenities

  • The Primitive Cabin is a finished cabin with windows and doors installed, but does not include interior walls, electric, and plumbing.
  • The Full Amenities Cabin boasts a completely finished interior that's "move in" ready.

Floor plan sketches are a great way to help visualize the cabin options – make sure to check them out!



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