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When you order a structure from Northwoods Cabin Co., this is what you can expect: as soon as we receive your deposit, we schedule a tentative delivery date. Our goal at Northwoods Cabin Co. is to educate, communicate with, and learn from all of our customers, so when you order with us you will be receiving progress reports on your build, including any questions or concerns that may arise during the construction process. We will ask questions as to how the site is developing, are you ready for your new structure, and if you need us to help with anything else. We will confirm color choices and other options to ensure you are receiving the products and items you choose. If you ordered a cabin from us, we will include progress pictures so you can watch your new cabin materialize without the hassle of an on-site build. If any changes occur in the delivery date you will be made aware of these and rescheduled immediately. We confirm delivery when we are one week from completion to ensure that all parties are prepared and informed. When your delivery date arrives we will confirm with you the estimated time of arrival. Once we have your cabin or structure loaded and are leaving the facility, you will again be notified that we are en route. Once we arrive on site we will do a site inspection and talk over any concerns we, or you, may have. We then proceed to offload your new cabin or structure, this process usually entails sliding your cabin/structure off of our very specialized trailer and normally goes very smoothly, however, if issues arise during delivery, they will be addressed and dealt with in the most professional manner. Sometimes the use of a mule (motorized dolly), or multiple mules is necessary, and sometimes the use of a crane is needed to set your cabin. If your cabin is a two-story, you can expect 4-8 hours of setting up time. Once the cabin is set up on your foundation we will do a walk through to check operation of all windows and doors, and make sure everything is as it should be. If your cabin is wired or plumbed you can have your qualified contractor make the necessary connections at this time. Now you are ready to start enjoying your new Northwoods Cabin or structure.

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